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State Water Quality Efforts Yield Product Reformulation

by Alexandra Dunn

An interesting article in Saturday’s New York Times referred to new laws in 17 states required reduced phosphate levels in consumer products to protect receiving water quality.  Dozens of soapmakers have reformulated household (and soon commercial) dishwashing detergents to dramatically reduce phosphate content levels.  The fact that new state laws have yielded marketplace reform is good news for water quality – and a refreshing reminder that even in the face of budgetary and political limitations, states are enacting laws that can improve the environment.  For those wanting to know the best way to get sparkly dishes and protect receiving waters, the September 2010 Consumer Reports rates the new reduced phosphate soaps.

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  1. Sally Kirby

    Hi there,

    I would like to use your image of the duck on the algae as part of a water quality presentation for students learning about property planning. I work as a teacher with TAFE NSW, in Australia. Do you have any concerns about that? My presentation is a series of photos with me talking about causes and effect of nutrification of waterways and means of reducing pollution.

    Sally Kirby

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